Simple ways to overhaul your garden

Posted on: 13 April 2016

Most people like the idea of having a beautiful garden in which to entertain guests on summer evenings, and lounge about in on warm sunny mornings. However, not everyone has the time or the inclination to devote hours of their week to tending to their garden. The good news is that creating and maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space doesn't require as much time and effort as you may think. Here, we share a few easy ways to spruce up your garden.

Take care of your lawn: 

The lawn is usually the largest and therefore most noticeable part of any garden; as such, it's worth taking good care of it. One of the simplest ways to do this is to fertilise the grass. This only needs to be done three or four times a year at most, and typically takes less than two hours each time. As points out, it can have an enormous effect on the appearance of your garden as a whole; not only does it give the grass a brighter, greener and healthier look, it also prevents unsightly patches of dead grass, reduces the presence of weeds, fills in patches of bare soil, and makes the lawn less prone to damage caused by drought, heat, and pets running around on the lawn. 

Reduce the amount of shade:

The shade provided by large plants and trees can be a welcome respite from the searing temperatures of a hot summer day. However, too much shade from large, leafy trees can lead to the soil reaching one of two undesirable states; excessive dryness, or bogginess; the lack of direct sunlight on a lawn can often result in the grass attempting to conserve water, leading to extreme soil dampness. Conversely, a lack of light on a flower bed can dry out the soil entirely. Neither of these situations are particularly appealing. As such, if your garden is being hidden from the sun by a large tree, it may be worth getting in touch with a tree removal company that can safely prune it, or cut it down.

Change the lighting:

On a similar note, take some time to consider how much natural light your garden receives, and whether you can do anything to improve it. In addition to potentially damaging the soil, large trees can also spoil the aesthetics of your outdoor space, by blocking out sunlight. Many people are shocked when they see what a difference tree removal makes to the general appearance of their garden.

As well as increasing the amount of natural light your garden receives, it's also a good idea to look into introducing some artificial lighting into the space, particularly if you like to host outdoor events like barbeques and dinner parties in the evenings. An elegantly hung set of string lights around a tall vertical plant, or a few carefully-positioned wind-resistant lanterns hung along a garden wall can create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests.


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