Removing a tree yourself? Follow these vital safety tips.

Posted on: 29 July 2016

If you have a tree that is too close to your home or is dying and you want it out of your yard, you might be considering cutting it down yourself. This is possible to do in many cases, but you need to keep your safety in mind at all times. Here are some ways to remove a tree from your yard the safe way.

Stay Away From the Power Lines

When working around power lines, the general rule of thumb is that you assume the wires are live, even if you have a feeling they aren't. Working near power lines is very dangerous and can cause you to get electrocuted when working with power tools to cut the tree down. Be extremely careful any time you are even in the vicinity of a power line. If you are not sure about working around the power lines, just have a professional remove the tree for you.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Another common mistake people tend to make when cutting down a tree is wearing their normal yard work clothes. Even if it is a small tree that seems easy to remove or cut down, that doesn't mean you don't take your personal safety very seriously. Wear thick boots that are slip-proof and wear thick gloves to protect your hands. Have eye, mouth, and nose coverage, like safety glasses and a painter's mask, and wear ear protection if you intend to use power tools. For added safety, wear long sleeves and pants as well.

Use the Right Equipment

The types of tools and equipment you use for removing a tree, or even just trimming it, are very important. If you use tools that are inadequate for cutting down a tree, it could be harder on your body and put you at risk for injury. If you insist on removing the tree yourself, make sure you use high-quality, professional-grade equipment. Many tree removal tools and equipment can be rented, so it doesn't need to be a large investment for you.

Follow General Safety Rules

There are some other safety rules you should follow whenever trimming, cutting down, or removing a tree from your yard. Here are some tips to make sure you follow each and every time.

  • Never remove or cut down a tree in inclement weather, including rain, lightening, thunder, and snow.
  • Look around the tree removal site for potential hazards before you get started.
  • Don't turn your back while cutting down the tree as it could fall at any time.
  • Check the strength of tree limbs before climbing or standing on them.

Follow these tips and talk to a tree removal professional to make sure you stay as safe as possible when cutting down your tree.


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