Why You Need to Actively Prune and Trim the Trees in Your Back Garden

Posted on: 10 July 2017

If you are lucky enough to have an extensive back garden with a lot of plants and a selection of mature and growing trees, you will be able to enjoy a living and breathing environment for years ahead. Every property owner in this situation owes a duty of care to the environment by looking after this magnificent foliage. Remember also that trees (in particular) are crucial to survival, as they absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. So, how can you best care for these trees, and why should you cut them back in order for them to grow even further?

Why You Need to Take Action

Some people think that nature should be left to its own devices and that you don't need to "help" in any way. They may not believe that proper pruning and shaping of plants and trees is important, or that they may need to be trimmed back at all. However, it's very important to conduct this type of work, not only so that your back garden looks good and retains its value, but also in order to train the plants in question to grow properly.

What You Need to Bear in Mind

You need to determine what type of trees you have to find out the names of the particular species and their characteristics. In certain cases, it's important to restrict the growth of the tree so that it can flourish with a denser or thicker growth instead. In other cases, you will have to selectively prune certain branches so that the tree will in time develop a stronger overall structure. Sometimes, you have to remove damaged or weak branches because they can represent a safety risk.

How to Proceed

When you prune and trim properly, the quality of the fruit, flowers or foliage will invariably increase. If you have some fruit trees, you will need to de-bud these after they have flowered so that you get an abundant crop of fruit next year. Always remove any old flowers or any growth that appears to be dead, as this will trigger new development next season.

Looking below

In some cases, you may also have to think about the shrubs and plants beneath when selectively pruning larger trees. This will permit additional sunlight to reach the ground and enable these smaller plants to receive important nutrients.

Exercising Caution

Always be careful, though, to ensure that you only prune and trim your trees appropriately and avoid doing anything that could weaken or damage them. Also, be very careful when you are trimming branches that are higher up. This type of work can be dangerous and should be left in the hands of a professional.

Planning Ahead

Start off by doing your research to figure out exactly what you have to work with. Then, have a word with professional tree trimmers to make sure that you are moving in the right direction.


Critical Care Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Trees

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