Two reasons why you might want to have the palm tree on your property cut down

Posted on: 23 May 2018

If you have a palm tree on your property, it might be a good idea to have it cut down by a palm tree removalist. Read on to find out why.

The fruit it bears could damage your property or injure you

If your palm tree produces coconuts, it is definitely worth having it removed. The reason for this is as follows; when a coconut on the branch of a palm tree becomes fully ripened, it will usually fall to the ground.

Due to the fact that this fruit is quite heavy, with a hard outer shell, it can do a lot of damage to any item that it falls on, particularly in instances where it happens to be hanging from one of the tree's higher branches and thus falls from a great height with a lot of force.

If for example, the tree is located next to your driveway and one of its coconuts falls and lands on your parked car, it could shatter the windscreen or leave an enormous dent in the roof, the bonnet or the boot of the vehicle.

Likewise, if the tree is positioned in your garden, directly over the patio area, it could fall onto your patio furniture or your barbecue equipment and destroy these items.

More importantly, a falling coconut which lands on your head as you walk in or out of your home could potentially leave you with a concussion or a skull fracture.

As such, if you value your health and want to minimise the risk of your car or other belongings sustaining damage, it is best to have the tree cut down by a palm tree removalist.

Its roots could damage your driveway or patio

As a palm tree grows, its roots will often extend at least a couple of metres beyond its trunk, in search of new sources of water.

This could be problematic if your palm tree is positioned close to your patio or your driveway, as the growing roots may end up lifting the concrete, brick or asphalt, and creating large bumps and cracks.

This type of damage is not only unsightly but could also be quite hazardous, as you or one of your other household members could end up tripping over the raised bumps and sustaining an injury.

Given this, if your palm tree is positioned dangerously close to either of these areas of your property, you might want to consider having it removed.


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