How Soon Can You Replace a Tree That You Need to Remove?

Posted on: 29 July 2019

Are you about to remove a tree that once provided you with valuable privacy, shade or beauty? Sadly, trees don't live forever, especially those that grow in an urban setting. So, you may be wondering how soon you can replace your lost tree and regain all the benefits that it once provided you with.

While there are some very fast-growing trees, how fast you can replace your soon-to-be removed tree depends on what you relied on it for. However, in some cases, you could replace your lost tree and its bounty within a year or two.

Here are several fast-growing trees that could replace the benefits you are about to lose within a few years.

Hybrid Poplars Can Provide Shade and Privacy Within a Year

If shade or privacy is your priority in a tree, one of the fastest growing shade trees available is the hybrid poplar. Incredibly, this tree species can reach a height of 2.5 metres in a single year. This attribute makes the hybrid poplar an ideal tree for providing fast shade and privacy.

Subsequently, if you plant your hybrid poplar soon after the tree removal of your current tree, expect to have a good deal of privacy and shade within a year.

Red Maples Are Gorgeous and Fast Growing

If beauty is your priority, you could replace your tree with a red maple. This tree species can grow about 1.5 metres per year and reaches a grand height of about 40 metres when fully grown. In addition, the majestic red and yellow of its leaves in autumn will give your red maple a fiery but breath-taking beauty.

If you enjoy entertaining guests in your yard then, within 1–2 years, your red maple could become a favourite of your guests.

Leyland Cypress Offer a Privacy Screen Within a Year

Lastly, if your current tree once provided you with a valuable privacy screen that will be sorely missed, you could replace it with one or more Leyland cypress trees. This tree species grows about 1.5 metres per year and could eventually reach a height of around 20 metres.

Again, if privacy is your priority, several of these tall, thin trees planted along your fence line could give you an effective privacy screen within 1–2 years, allowing you to enjoy your yard without worrying about peeping neighbours.

Hire an Arborist to Assess Your Yard

When you hire an arborist to remove a tree, you can also take advantage of their knowledge. For instance, before they remove your current tree, they can suggest a range of trees that would replace the benefits you once received from it. If your knowledge of trees and tree planting is limited, then hire an arborist to remove your tree.


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